MRP In The News

November 13, 2019: WFLA:
2 Baby Manatees Rescued in Apollo Beach Recovering at ZooTampa

November 5, 2019: The Island Packet:
Hilton Head Golf Course Had An 850-Pound Visitor. What It Took To Get ‘Wilson’ To Safety

November 1, 2019: Bluffton Today:
Manatee Stuck Near Savannah Marshland Removed Via Bulldozer

October 30, 2019: The Columbus Dispatch:
Orphaned Manatees Carmen and Heavy Falcon Return to Florida From Columbus Zoo

October 29, 2019: The Palm Beach Post:
Florida Orphaned Manatee Calf Rescued From Beach

October 17, 2019: Cincinnati Enquirer:
Zoo Says Goodbye to 2 Manatees and Welcomes Another for Rehab

October 17, 2019: WCPO:
Thanks to Cincinnati Zoo's Rehabilitation Program, Two Lucky Manatees Got to Fly Home to Florida

October 12, 2019: Miami Herald:
A Boat Badly Injured A Keys Manatee. Miami Seaquarium Is Nursing Her Back To Health.

October 9, 2019: South Florida Sun Sentinel:
Manatee Hit by Boat in the Keys Getting Medical Care at Miami Seaquarium

September 28, 2019: SRQ Magazine:
Manatees Arrive at The Bishop for Rehabilitation

September 11, 2019: Spectrum News 13:
FWC: Stuck Manatees in Daytona Beach Now Free

September 9, 2019: Daytona Beach News-Journal:
Manatee, Calf Trapped In Daytona Marina Cove

September 9, 2019: Orlando Sentinel:
New Seaworld Tour Focuses On Rescue Team

August 29, 2019: Fox 13:
Orphaned Manatee Will Be Bottle Fed Every 3 Hours To Put On Weight At Seaworld

August 20, 2019:
Daphne, Cincinnati Zoo's 2-Year-Old Manatee, Leaves For Home In Florida

July 19, 2019: Citrus County Chronicle:
Boat Strike Kills Manatee In Homosassa River

July 19, 2019: News 965:
Watch: Bago The Manatee Is Back Home After Rehab At Sea World

July 18, 2019: News-Press:
Manatee Released Back Into Charlotte Harbor

July 3, 2019: Action News Jax:
Manatee Dies After Being Hit By Propeller Near Mayport

July 3, 2019: Spectrum News 13:
Popular Blue Spring Manatee Likely Killed by Boat, Officials Say

June 21, 2019: NBC 2:
Manatee Released Back Into Water After Getting Hit By Boat

June 5, 2019: The St. Augustine Record:
Crews Lift Stranded Manatee From Oyster Bed In St. Augustine

May 21, 2019: Anna Maria Islander:
FWC, Mote Rescue Ailing Juvenile Manatee Found In Holmes Beach Basin

May 2019: Orlando Sentinel:
SeaWorld Orlando Cares For Orphaned Manatee Calf

May 10, 2019: Fox 4:
Injured Manatee On The Mend Thanks To Charlotte County Officials

May 5, 2019: Tampa Bay Times:
Manatee Dies After It Was Struck By A Boat In Clearwater

May 2, 2019: 7 News Miami:
Manatee Pastelito Returned To Florida Waters After Rehabilitation At Miami Seaquarium

May 2, 2019: Fox4:
Manatee Rescued From Oldsmar Retention Pond In Tampa

April 27, 2019: SRQ Magazine:
Say Hello to Slate and Obsidian

April 25, 2019: News5 Cleveland:
2 Orphan Manatees Rescued From The Wild Will Spend Time Rehabilitating At The Columbus Zoo And Aquarium

April 25, 2019: Citrus County Chronicle:
Rescued Manatee Roomba Released Into King’s Bay

April 24, 2019: Fort Myers News-Press:
Dead Manatee Was Infected With The Same Kind Of Parasites That Plague Dogs And Cats, Scientists Say

April 15, 2019: Fort Myers News-Press:
Biologists, Officers, Firefighters Team Up To Rescue Manatee From Shallow South Fort Myers Ditch

April 10, 2019: Orlando Sentinel:
FWC Searches For Baby Manatee In Merritt Island

March 29, 2019: Citrus County Chronicle:
Pair of Dead Manatees Recovered From the Crystal River

March 23, 2019: SRQ Magazine:
Rescued Manatee Baca Returns to the Wild

March 20, 2019: CBS 4 News:
Manatee Rescued After Being Injured By Boat Is Released Back Into Wild

March 11, 2019: CBS 12 News:
Manatees Get Second Chance At Life After Months Of Rehab

February 28, 2019: CBS Miami:
Miami Seaquarium Returns ‘Twizzler’ the Rescued Manatee Back to the Wild

February 15, 2019: Citrus County Chronicle:
First Manatee Killed by Boat Strike of 2019 in Citrus Waters

February 13, 2019: WFTV:
Rescued Manatee ‘Buckeye’ Returned to SeaWorld After Worrisome Weight Loss in Wild

February 9, 2019: News 5:
Meet the Cincinnati Zoo's Orphaned Manatee Daphne

February 8, 2019: Palm Beach Post:
Baby Manatee With No Mommy Rescued Near FPL's Manatee Lagoon

February 6, 2019: SQR Magazine:
Manatee Munchies

January 31, 2019: Fox 35:
SeaWorld Taking Care of First Cold Stressed Manatee of the Year

January 30, 2019: Florida Today:
Seaworld Orlando Rescues Manatee Suffering From Hypothermia

January 10, 2019: Charlotte Sun:
'Bubs' Is Stable At Seaworld - Sick Manatee In Punta Gorda Canal Was First Rescue Of The Year

January 5, 2019: Charlotte Sun:
“He Looked Depressed, Lethargic”

December 21, 2018: Citrus County Chronicle:
Manatees Removed From Flooded Ditch In Crystal River

December 18, 2018: Bay News 9:
3 Rehabbed Red Tide Manatees Released in Apollo Beach

December 12, 2018: Orlando Sentinel:
Top Gun: A Manatee Rescue Story

December 10, 2018: First Coast News:
Manatee Now At Jacksonville Zoo After Being Rescued In South Carolina

December 9, 2018: Fox News:
Dead Manatee Pulled From South Carolina Drainage Area

December 7, 2018: NBC 15 WPMI:
Boat-Strike Possibly Killed Manatee In Mobile River

December 7, 2018: Citrus County Chronicle:
Annual Manatee Assessments Show Healthy Herd

October 29, 2018: Bay News 9:
Exclusive: Pinellas New Hot Spot for Red Tide Manatee Deaths

October 23, 2018: Citrus County Chronicle:
Rescuers Free Manatee Calf From Crab Trap In Homosassa River

October 16, 2018: The Columbus Dispatch:
Two More Manatees Depart Columbus Zoo After Successful Rehab

October 16, 2018: Fox 10:
Crews Pull Trapped Manatees From Oldsmar Pond

October 15, 2018: Ormond Beach Observer:
Rescued Manatee Returned to Tomoka River

October 13, 2018: The Atlantic:
What Manatees Do During Hurricane Season

October 12, 2018: WTSP 10 News:
Manatee Mom, Calf Rescued After Storm Surge From Hurricane Michael Leaves Them Stranded

October 12, 2018: ABC 7:
FWC: Manatees Trapped in Canal, Due to Rising Waters from Hurricane Michael

October 2, 2018: Citrus County Chronicle:
Injured Manatee Early Warning of Need for Caution on the Water